American Friends & Family

The American Friends and Family Program is an opportunity for you to learn what “real” Americans and their families are like. For many of our students, their “American Families” have become a permanent part of their lives.  Some of the families have even traveled overseas to be at their international son/daughter’s wedding.

You will be “matched” with an individual or family who also has an interest in meeting people from other countries.  We believe this program is important because it allows you to be able to visit an American home, participate in American holidays, eat American home-cooked food, and help bridge friendships across cultures. We suggest that the host makes contact with the students at least once a month.  The host understands that the student may be busy with studies, however, and there is no obligation for you to meet. Students are generally assigned to a host for one year. These families do not provide housing or financial support.

If you are interested in participating in our Friends and Family Program, fill out the form below to sign up!