New Students

Welcome to Louisville! We are happy that you have chosen to come to our city! If you would like a friendly volunteer to meet you at the airport and help you when you arrive, please let us know! We provide transportation, temporary housing and apartment-hunting help. All our services are free, because our volunteers and students have been in the same situation as you, and would like to welcome you into the OASIS family! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Here are some of the services we provide that can help you when you first arrive. Also, be sure to also check out our meetings and activities once you’re here!

Arrival Assistance

We hope you will join our international community. We are looking forward to meeting you. If you would like arrival assistance, we have many FREE services to help you get settled into our city. We can arrange airport pickups, temporary housing, help finding an apartment, shopping trips, tours of Louisville, an annual “Bargain Event”, Welcome Party, and much more!! Just let us know your arrival information and what kind of assistance you would like and we would be happy to arrange for a friendly face to help you.

Temporary Housing

If you need temporary housing when you first arrive, we have volunteers who are willing to help. Individuals, as well as families, want to welcome you into their home for 1-4 days. This service is offered free of charge. Your temporary host will also help you get to the University, look for an apartment, and go shopping if you want.

Every year, OASIS sends out a survey to current international students, asking about their housing. They tell us about the best apartments for internationals around the medical and main UofL campuses. They also let us know if they hear of anyone needing a roommate. If you are currently needing an apartment, you can begin your search by looking at the current survey posted here. After you arrive, volunteers are here to help you find an apartment as well.

American Friends & Family

The American Friends and Family Program is an opportunity for you to learn what “real” Americans and their families are like. For many of our students, their “American Families” have become a permanent part of their lives.  Some of the families have even traveled overseas to be at their international son/daughter’s wedding.